About Us

Who are we?

Novytes Design & Development is an independent design, development and digital marketing agency based in Kerala, India. We specialise in branding, web, and mobile application development.

Novytes was founded by 5 friends who share the same passion for the web and the possibilities with new technologies.

We started our journey in 2014, and we have worked with several awesome clients, including companies, business individuals and creative individuals. We have learnt a lot from every one of the projects and we are improving ourselves after each project. We also emphasis on keeping up with the latest trends in technology and to never stay behind. We spend time trying to discover or create somethign new each day.

Our core philosophy is to provide a creatively driven solutions-bassed approach across all media. Our understanding of business issues, combined with a strategic and integrated approach to all marketing communicatio enables us to add real commercial value to our clients.


What's with the name?


We get this question a lot! So, NOVYTES is a blend of two words, "novel" and "bytes". The name was suggested by one of our co-founders, Nijo, who takes great pride in his writing skills.

And the logo?

Novytes started out with another logo. Something similar to an unfinished rubik's cube. We switched to a new and minimalistic logo after a few months so that it represents the idea we are trying to convey better. The new logo has also gone through several fine-tuning, from introducing fill to different coloured strokes.Even though it was unintentional, many have commented that the current logo looks somewhat like one of the "Transformers" symbol, which we embrace with pride.

As usual, we did reject a ton load of logos before coming up with the current logo. RIP old logos.